7A - Porter (2008)
[“The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy” by Michael E. Porter]
7B - Seelig (2014)
[“From Inspiration to Implementation” by Tina Seelig]
7B - Andreessen (2015)
[“Product/Market Fit” by Marc Andreessen]
7B - Sahlman (1997)
[“How to Write a Great Business Plan” by William Sahlman]
7B - Sahlman & Silverthorne  (2008)
"Updating a Classic: Writing a Great Business Plan" by William Sahlman and Sean Silverthorne
8A - Blank (2013)
[“Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything” by Steve Blank]
8B - Furr & Dye (2008)
[“The Innovator’s Method: Bringing the Lean Startup into your Organization” by Nathan Furr and Jeff Dye]
8B - Osterwalder (2016)
[“The Business Model Canvas” by Alex Osterwalder (please watch the two-minute v and skim the site)]
9A - Moore (2014)
[“Crossing the Chasm: What’s New and What’s Not” by Geoffrey Moore (please skim the slide deck)]
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