Brief Overview of I&E 301:

This course is a Stanford-informed approach to learning innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) that can be applied to any high-growth enterprise or other organization in the UAE. The class is composed of three modules:

Module 1: Design Thinking

Module 2: Entrepreneurship

Module 3: Growth and Leadership.


[The latest version to be available in July 2016]

Textbook - Byers & Nelson (2015)
Textbook - Byers & Nelson (2015)

[Title: Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise, 4th Edition]

Reference - Alkhazraji & Olds (2015)
Reference - Alkhazraji & Olds (2015)

[A GCC Focused Textbook on Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation]

 The I&E 301 course is designed for undergraduate students at a third year level or advanced second year level. It runs over a period of 15-weeks comprising of a 3-hour session or two 90-minute sessions per week for a total of 45 hours during the semester. The course is optimized for a class size of 20 to 40 students.

Each session includes a mix of the following components: lecture, discussion, an interactive activity in class, and open Q&A if an appropriate expert or guest speaker is available. The session descriptions in this part contain a summary of the class, a list of the readings and videos for students to watch before class, and a set of study questions to contemplate beforehand and to be used in class discussion.

Course Grading: The course grade will be determined by the following:

• Final exam (the personal business plan presentations during week 15): 40%

• Two team-based project assignments (during week 6 and week 12): 40%

• Class participation (including attendance, punctuality, and contributions): 20%